Branches on the Tree of Humanity

When are we finally going to realize that we are all connected? Each of us is merely a branch on the tree of humanity. Some branches are more externally vibrant than others, full of green leaves and flowers, while other branches may appear to be barren or brown. Too often we try to sever those limbs for fear they are diseased; we are afraid they will infect us, bring us down, or make us look bad. But think for a moment. If we are all part of the same tree, isn’t it just as possible that we can pass our strength and nutrients to those in need? We all have the same roots. The same things lie under the bark of all the branches.

Let’s do what we can to save the whole tree, for if we keep cutting, we may one day find there isn’t much left. Stop trying to hack away the parts we don’t like. Stop fumigating and spreading insecticides and pesticides. Instead, let’s fertilize the entire tree with tolerance and kindness, so that as a whole we can reach toward the sun with invincible roots that no storm can shake.

Daily Post Prompt: Branch

2 thoughts on “Branches on the Tree of Humanity

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