Flirting with Romance

This is a far cry from my usual humorous personal anecdotes, my heartfelt pleas for humanity, or even my murder mystery novel, so readers, please be kind. I have never before written anything remotely in the realm of fictional romance. Trust me! It is fictional! Consider it a side effect from all the Christmas Hallmark movies and the romance novels I have been reading the past few weeks. Damn Stephanie Laurens! Here goes nothing:

He evoked a myriad of emotions she had never thought she would, or even wanted to, feel again. After all, her last foray into such things had resulted in sheer disaster. The mere thought of subjecting herself to that possibility once again made her whole body quiver in trepidation. And yet, he had the ability to make her quiver in a much more elemental, undeniable way. She felt trapped and defeated . . . by him, by her traitorous desires, by her irrational heart . . . and there was absolutely nothing she could do about it. She couldn’t prevent it; the battle was already being waged. She couldn’t run from it either, no matter how much her brain screamed at her to do so. And now, it was quite apparent that she couldn’t deny it.

Still, she didn’t trust him. She hadn’t trusted anyone, other than herself, in years. Recent events certainly prove that she can no longer trust herself either. She never meant for things to go so far. She couldn’t imagine how he had managed to breach her walls. As skilled as she was at avoidance, at keeping others (especially men) at arm’s length, how had he weaseled his way in and caused her to lower her defenses? True, he was incredibly handsome, but he definitely wasn’t the only handsome man to have crossed her path. She thought back to the beginning, to how she had ignored him, and suddenly it struck her that she hadn’t ignored him at all. She might have avoided talking to him, might have stayed on the opposite side of the room from him, but she had watched him, had followed his every move and held her breath. She hadn’t been able to ignore him at all. She had simply been fooling herself.

Daily Post Prompt: Evoke

5 thoughts on “Flirting with Romance

    • Thanks, Linda! I’m glad you liked it. Recently, I have been struggling with a bit of writer’s block. I feel like my readers expect my quirky and humorous side to prevail in my writing, and I am quickly running out of personal anecdotes to share. It is time to try out new things, but I have to say I was really nervous about taking this route.
      I just read your most recent story and will definitely be reading more. Your writing makes me want to delve into more fiction writing. Thanks again!

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